Your Kolbe Index results and any other data that you provide will be entered into a specific account set up either for one of our clients or for Kolbe Corp directly. If you are using a client account, that client will have access to your results and data submitted. If you are using a Kolbe Corp account only Kolbe Corp will have access to your results and data unless you authorize us to release that specific information to a third party.

Depending on the account, you might not be able to see your result immediately after taking a Kolbe Index. If you feel that this experience is a mistake and/or you would like to gain access to your result, contact the person who asked you to take the Kolbe Index. They will be able to assist you.

To access your result: If you know the four numbers of your Kolbe Index result, you can view your result by going to the Kolbe Reports section of WAREwithal. If you took the Kolbe Index on, you can access it at by clicking here. You will need to know the exact information being requested in order to view the result.


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