So you might be wondering who Kacey is and how they came to be part of the Kolbe Care Team. Well, it all started in a galaxy far far away... or at least while we were at one of our annual conferences when it was called CNS (way back in the day).

Tashyna, who oversees our Kolbe Care Team, led the way with the idea of creating a help center area to better serve our users. We thought creating a basic help center would do the trick... but we kept stalling. We realized while prototyping and researching that FAQ's, help centers, and chat bots all seemed to be disconnected from people, from our users. Something didn't feel right.... It's just not who we are... and the service we want to provide. So, since we were not satisfied with the direction of the project, we stopped... did nothing.

As time passed we realized that we still needed a way for our users to get basic information easily and during non-business hours. So, the project gained steam and starting moving along with a new requirement... it had to meet our standards and be engaging.

You see, what we had come to realize was that there is a human element to what we do and how we serve our clients. Being able to provide a consolidated engagement that allows the users to find what they need, and if not, be able to reach out to our team for further assistance. We only found one service that could provide the quality care and engagement that our clients have come to know and expect, it's call Intercom. Yes, it is a chat bot and yes it has a help center. But it isn't just a chat bot, it's Kacey and Kacey is our operator in the help center. They will help you along the way. When they can't help you, then they will pass the person on to one of the Kolbe Care teammates that can.

Kacey might not know everything right away, but they will learn, and in turn, they will teach the rest of the Kolbe Care team on how to better serve our users. Kacey isn't just an operator or an assistant, they are part of our collaborative team at Kolbe Corp.

We look forward to the years of service and support they will bring to our clients and our team.

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